Graduation Photographer Houston

Graduation Photographer Houston


It has been a long, challenging ride, and your students are finally done. Whether it’s high school or college, it’s the end of one journey, the beginning of another, and here in Houston, that means it’s time to celebrate!

The first step is finding the best graduation photographers to document and help you commemorate this extraordinary event for your institution. There are many studio photography services here you can procure to aid you with this. This is a big event and simply googling “Professional photographers near Houston” will not cut it. Expectations are high, and your institution must deliver. Finding a service provider that delivers on all necessary graduation bits and bobs, from framed graduation pictures to graduation attire and souvenirs, is advisable.

Here are the four things to consider when looking for graduation photographers for your institution:

  1. If You Look Good, You Feel Good

Your students need to feel confident and proud in the regalia you pick for them. The positive energy translates to the quality and mood of the pictures taken that day. Ensure you look into the type of clothing provided by the providers you are looking to hire.

  1. Some Assistance, Please!

Graduation day is a big deal for your students, who are bound to be nervous and maybe even unprepared for the photoshoot. Provision gowning staff will help to ease their nerves on that day. This may be their last shot to get dressed, so ensure you are accorded the best assistants to help them hoist their caps and straighten their robes! As we have discussed, if they feel confident and good, the story will be told by the pictures taken.

  1. Show Us Your Work

Please avoid making the mistake of hiring photographers without looking at their reviews and portfolio. Ensure you get value for your money. Do not be alarmed when you see services offered by Houston family photographers or Houston portrait studios. Many photography services offer an array of services, and you must see their experience in graduation photography and that it is professional.

  1. When Do We Want It? Now!

Ensure the photographers you pick can offer immediate downloading and printing services. No one wants to wait one week for graduation pictures; Instagram will not allow it! It would help to look for companies that offer instant photography downloads onsite. Providing frames for printed photographs and even graduation diplomas is a plus.

Here are tips for taking the best graduation photos

  • First, SMILE!- You just graduated, and it’s a big deal!
  • Day photoshoots – Grab as much natural light as possible for your photographs’ clarity and life.
  • Grab group shots- friends and family in your pictures make the day more memorable.
  • Grab a headshot- For professional purposes, look into Headshot photography in Houston, TX, for that perfect LinkedIn profile picture!
  • Use props and engaging elements- Hold up your diploma, throw your cap, and take a picture with an interesting background.

Why Choose Us?

If you want to hire a company that fulfills all these needs and more, look no further! With our work ethic and quality of service, you can be sure to get value for your money.

Please contact Allison Wilkins at Evin Thayer Studios at 713-524-0199 or email [email protected] for quality photography services.


Graduation Photographer Houston

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Graduation Photographer Houston

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