Saskatoon attractions

Saskatoon attractions

If you are a Saskatoon tourist, there are many Saskatoon attractions you ought to know about. Saskatoon is a fun place to visit and live, and there’s a lot of must-see and must-do things here. TCU Place Would has put together a list, in no specific order, of the top tourist attractions in Saskatoon, starting our modern marvel of an event centre.

TCU Place

TCU Place is Saskatoon’s premier arts and convention centre. You might be surprised that would put a convention centre into this list, but TCU Place is engrained in the culture and history in Saskatoon. We host all kinds of events here, and we even help with event planning. Even if you don’t have an event in Saskatoon, you must stop by and see TCU Place! It is a spectacle one must behold to appreciate.

Blackstrap Provincial Park

Saskatoon and Blackstrap Provincial Park are synonymous with one other, making this park a must-see attraction while you are in Saskatoon. Whether you like jogging in the morning, biking, hiking, bird watching, or nature walks, Blackstrap Provincial Park is the perfect place to do it. You will love Blackstrap Provincial Park.

Drive through the Enchanted Forest

In 2018, the Enchanted Forest celebrates 20 years of cheer! If you happen to be in Saskatoon around the holiday and new years season, you must visit this amazing light show. It’s one of the largest light shows in Canada and the largest drive-through light show in Canada. Known for its spectacular light displays, such as Noah’s Ark, which is 70ft tall and 120ft long, this is one of the best Saskatoon attractions for kids.

Meet the Ghosts of the Bebore Hotel

Believe it or not, Saskatoon is a spooky place. Saskatoon is home to several haunted locations, with the Bebore Hotel being perhaps the most haunted. Locals and hotel work crews believe that as many as 12-13 ghosts live in this historic building. This hotel has been featured on TV several times for its off-the-charts paranormal activity. If you’re in for a good scare and a ghostly encounter, you will not be disappointed here! The Bebore Hotel is one the most popular Saskatoon attractions.

Take a Boat Cruise

Visit to make your reservations for a cruise on the Saskatoon River. Enjoy lunch or dinner, relax, and take in the breathtaking view of Saskatoon that can only be seen from a boat. The waterways will relax you and set the mood for the rest of your night.

Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra

After a day out on the town and some fine Saskatoon dining, grab a date and head on over to the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra. The atmosphere is friendly, the music is delightful, and the experience will last a lifetime.

For more information regarding the best Saskatoon attractions, give us a call and talk to one of our friendly agents. We invite you to stop by any time during normal business hours for a tour of our historic building, especially if you are visiting Saskatoon for an event. You might find that TCU Place is the perfect location to host it.

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Saskatoon attractions

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