Spinning Prize Wheels

Spinning Prize Wheels

One thing your customers are always watching out for is freebies. It is natural for humans to be interested in gifts, prizes, and rewards. 

Spinning prize wheels is one great way of engaging customers and your target audience. It gives them something to look forward to and keeps them coming back.

Our Collection of Prize Wheels

We have designed different spinning prize wheels for individuals and business owners. You might want a customized option, a ready-to-go option, or a different size in mind.

Different wheels are suitable for different occasions. As a result, we have provided different types of spinning wheels. 

Below is a comparison of the different wheels which is important to know the most suitable option(s) for you;

Custom Prize Wheels

These are the best custom-made prize wheels. They are designed specifically according to your preferences. You get to choose the colors, numbers of sections, images, and so on. 

We have professional designers that work with our clients to ensure that the wheel is customized according to the desired specification.

There are three main types of custom game wheels. They include;

  • The Custom Insert Your Graphics 

This allows you to change your prizes or the image on the sections. This wheel is magnetized with openings in each section to insert your desired designs.

They also have a vinyl layer that allows you to write the prizes with a dry erase marker. Insert your own graphics wheel, allow you to get a prize wheel online personally made for you and your business.

  • The Custom Removable Magnetic Graphics Prize Wheel

This is a magnetic wheel that supports the change of designs in the prize section. All you have to do is to buy prize wheels online for more magnetic sections when you want to change the prizes or the designs.  

  • The Custom Permanent Graphics Prize Wheel

This wheel can be customized to the client’s final specification. Once the design has been agreed on, the wheel is completed and it cannot be changed. 

This is good for business recognition, brand identity and it is the most economical option.

 Lighted Prize Wheels

If you want to do something extra and eye-catching, you can get a custom-lighted prize wheel. In between the sections of the wheels, LED lights are installed by our skilled engineers.

The lights have different patterns which illuminate the wheel when you spin the wheel for prizes. You can upgrade the full-color-color display to choose your preferred color.

Huge Prize Wheels

If you are looking for more attraction to your prize wheel you can get large prize wheels for sale. Our huge prize wheels go up to 96″, you can also get other sizes such as 60”, 72” and 84”. 

Huge prize wheels provide more spaces for designs which can also be used to advertise your brand. It can also be customized to your specification.

Our spinning prize wheels are made by excellent designers and engineers. You can buy prize wheels that are made to suit your individual needs. Shop online with spinning designs or contact us
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Spinning Prize Wheels

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