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CWT crafts copy that converts bored internet junkies into recurring paying customers.

A marketing SaaS recently found that content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates approximately three times as many leads.

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As a small-to-medium sized business, you know you need to generate blog posts and other content but may lack the time our staff resources to pull it off.

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Take a look at our how we created engaging content for those looking to leave an everlasting digital footprint. Here’s a test: if you’re on vacay, kicking it on the beach with an iPad and wouldn’t go near the content your team creates, you need new creative. You need Content with Teeth! Check out some of our work.


Can a copywriting agency help a business?

Yes, a copywriting agency can help businesses of every size. In fact, 64% of B2B companies outsource their copywriting services to agencies. This is because creating consistent, engaging content not only takes up a significant amount of time, but requires specialized skills so it can be handled better by an agency that specializes in copywriting. CWT’s DFY ( Done For You ) copywriting services run the gamut – from bottom-of-funnel collateral to generate leads and drive conversions to top-of-sales-funnel content for building awareness. We take off the burden from clients’ shoulders and do initial keyword research, research the topic, write the copy and then optimize for SEO so our clients can devote themselves to other areas of business.

Why is copywriting so important for a small business?

Small businesses need consistent, engaging, high-quality content that not only helps them establish a connection with their readers but also increase their sales. Copywriting allows businesses to generate more sales by tapping into the emotional side of the audience and makes the product (s) look worth investing in.

How can a business find the right copywriter for them?

In order to choose the right copywriter, you first need to determine what results you are seeking. For instance, is your goal to drive more traffic to the company website, convince people to buy a service or convert a reader. Once you know what end goal is needed, you need to focus on the type of copywriter you require. You see, there are different specialists in different niches, from SEO to email marketing, so you need to know what type fits your business needs best.

Can you be both a copywriter and a content writer?

Content writers produce content to inform their readers whereas copywriters create content that persuades their readers. Content writing is focused on one or more content marketing goals while copywriting is purely done for marketing purposes. You can definitely be both a content and copywriter since the ultimate goal is the same; to convert a reader into a lead.

How can you hire the right copywriting agency?

A good marketing agency should be passionate about what they do and offer services that you need. It should also understand how to write using your company’s voice or be able to interview relevant staff and capture what they need. Content with Teeth is a premium copywriting agency that rolls in a Mercedes, not a Buick, and specializes in providing exceptional copywriting services that convert bored internet junkies into recurring paying customers.
What information will you need from me?

Since Content with Teeth offers DFY (Done-For-You) services. We take off the burden from clients’ shoulders, do initial keyword research, research the topic, write the copy, and then optimize for SEO, so our clients can devote themselves to other business areas. For us to create stellar copy, all you need is to share your URL and feedback on the content calendar and drafts.

We have several copywriting packages that can fit any budget from startup to enterprise. If you want UnBoring Content that delivers a solid ROI, punch the blue button on the right.