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Learn the diffences between copywriting and content writing

Copywriting vs. Content Writing: Writers Are Like Lawyers

Table of Contents   Uhh, Where Are You Going With This…? First, a Bad Joke Content Writer = Copywriter? K…What Is a Copywriter? […]

ai content writer

3 Reasons Why an AI Content Writer Can’t Diss Nick Saban

Table of Contents AI Content Writer, Pump the Brakes? I Will Not Go Down Without a Fight, AI Content Generator! Reason #1: Lack […]

Small business in Florida can suffer from time poverty and metaphorical bad breath

Hey Florida Small Business: We Can Stop Your Halitosis

Table of Contents Florida Small Businesses: Lack of Resources What We Offer Besides the Occasional Foul-Smelling Breath BoFu, Bad Breath & Florida’s Small […]

Meet Executive Consultant Carrie LaDue in Episode 18 of Content with Teeth's video podcast The Come Up

Don’t Worry Be Happy 😀

  The Come Up Episode 18 Video Transcript   Scrappy: What up, what up, what up, what up? Welcome to the Come Up: […]

Fort Myers rapper TMike is the guest on episode 17 of Content with Teeth's short video podcast The Come Up

Invest in Those Who Spit Gold

  The Come Up Episode 17 Video Transcript Scrappy: What up, what up, what up, what up, what up. Welcome to the Come […]

linkedin organic

Why The Office’s Michael Scott Stans LinkedIn Organic

Table of Contents Why is Organic LinkedIn Marketing Important? What Does Organic Mean on LinkedIn? News Flash from a Non-Karen Use a Swipe […]

Episode 16 of Content with Teeth's video podcast The Come Up features the owners of Made For This Fitness gym

Train with Brains 💪

The Come Up Episode 16 Video Transcript Scrappy: I’m Scrappy, and welcome to The Come Up, a video podcast featuring Southwest Florida entrepreneurs […]


Seek a Commemorative Ticket to Heaven 🎫

  Video Transcription Scrappy: I’m Scrappy. Welcome to The Come Up a video podcast featuring Southwest Florida entrepreneurs, business leaders. We’re sponsored by […]

Meet Life Coach David Essel in Episode 14 of Content with Teeth's video pocast The Come Up

Score with a Life Coach

The Come Up Episode 14 Video Transcript Scrappy: What up? What up? What up? What up? What up? Welcome to The Come Up, […]

In Episode 13 of Content with Teeth's The Come Up, meet SWFL Career Coach Jason Teeters

A Career Coach for the Jet Set

The Come Up Episode 13 Video Transcript Scrappy: What up, what up, what up? I’m Scrappy. Welcome to The Come Up, a video […]

CWT and the creative video blog

Cat Headroom: The Definitive 2023 Guide to Creative Video

Table of Contents Use a Swipe File to Help Generate Creative Videos Types of Videos The Videos of the Present and the Future […]

how content marketing works?

Could Fred Flintstone Describe How Content Marketing Works?

Table of Contents What Is Content Marketing? Hypothetical Content Marketing Efforts The Benefits of Content Marketing  What Do Content Marketers Do? Content Formats […]

Bid It, Bill It

A Financial App for Hard Hats

The Come Up Episode 12 Transcript Scrappy: What up, what up, what up, what up, what up? I’m Scrappy and welcome to The […]

Christina Amandis is a Florida hair stylist who is Scrappy's guest on Episode 11 of The Come Up

The SWFL Hair Edgelord

Looking for a haircut in Southwest Florida? How about the Wolf Cut or another “animal” style? If you’re a man, are you feeling […]

In Episode 10 of Content with Teeth's The Come Up, meet a guest who creates WOW among kids at his sports card store

Find Awe in the Latest Episode of The Come Up

Kids, be prepared for WOW. Be prepared to be amazed. Why? Because Jonathan Stone, Owner of Blue Breaks LLC, a new sports card […]

Content with Teeth is a content creator service with over 20 years of experience

Content Creator Service

Good content creation on your website gives your customers the information they need and helps increase your ranking on search engines. Here at […]

In Episode 9 of The Come Up, meet Florida Pet Adoption Specialist Gary Willoughby who answers all your pet questions

Florida Pet Adoption Does The Come Up

Should cats have claws? Should men have cats? Why do we hoomans bond so much with our four-legged friends? These questions and all […]

Meet John Garuti III, the master of Babcock real estate and Scrappy's guest on Episode 8 of The Come Up

Babcock Real Estate Does The Come Up

How do you get into a sun-kissed mecca that simultaneously promotes environmental sustainability while not breaking the bank? Call John Garuti III, the […]

SWFL Teen Summer Kates was recently recognized for her Florida philanthropy efforts

Local Teen Does Florida Philanthropy & The Come Up

Looking for a ray of sunshine in the sea of negativity surrounding us? Looking for chocolate chip cookies falling from the sky, all […]

Learn 3 tools that are idiot-proof to create content that converts

3 Stupidly Easy Tools to Create Content that Converts

Need content that converts? Need prospects who engage with your written, video and/or audio media to take an action like responding to a […]

Creating Better Days produces CBD products, even canine ones!

Creating Better Days Owner Does The Come Up

Don’t let sleeping dogs lie; let them get high! Creating Better Days, a Fort Myers-based company that specializes in CBD gummies, recently dropped […]

If you're B2B business, utilize the benefits of LinkedIn marketing to dive out of a plan WITH a parachute

Exploit the Benefits of LinkedIn Marketing & Avoid Being Ground Splatter When Taking the B2B Leap

If you’re a B2B business, you might be curious about the benefits of LinkedIn marketing. If you’re not, you should be! You’re jumping […]

Meet John Degnan who founded a growing Florida language school in the latest epsiode of Content with Teeth's video pocast The Come Up

Florida Language School Does The Come Up

From a business analyst in one of Miami’s biggest firms to opening a one-room school in South Beach with one student … Possessing […]

R.I.P. content marketing 2022 and beyond? Hell no!

R.I.P. Content Marketing 2022?

Is content marketing dead in 2022? Every week, you can search for an article declaring that content is over … Why? It’s too […]

Brad Cozza, Owner of a Florida investment group, is guest on the Episode 4 of The Come Up sponsored by Content with Teeth

Florida Investment Group Does The Come Up

In the latest episode of The Come Up, meet the guy every entrepreneur dreams of becoming. He is owner of a thriving Florida […]

Time up Ep-3

Naples, FL Wedding DJ Does The Come Up

  If you are about to say, “I do,” DJ PatPat, a Naples, FL wedding DJ, is the OG in back, NOT the […]

This Florida Entertainment Boss is Come Up's second episode's star

Greetings from Lakes Park, S.W.F.L. 

When you think of The Boss and entertainment, you immediately think of Bruce Springsteen.  Not in Southwest Florida where The Boss is Rachelle […]

Watch The Come Up E1 sponsored by Content with Teeth and detailing crypto in Florida

Introducing The Come Up

  Out of the ashes of dead newspapers that no one reads and local news that only “the olds” consume for their Preparation […]

why is copywriting important?

Why Is Copywriting So Important for a Small Business?

Table of Contents Find Dazzling Copywriting by a Pro Is Copywriting Meaningless Jargon? What is Copywriting? 4 Reasons Why Copywriting Is Crucial for […]

Chuck D of Public Enemy thinks your marketing automation is like ripping one on an airplane

Is Public Enemy Right About Marketing Automation?

Do you believe the hype on marketing automation? As a connoisseur of old school rap, we wanted to view marketing automation tools through […]

A content creator creates content to promote and/or entertain

What Does Content Creator Mean?

So you’ve heard the term content creator. But you’re not sure what it means. Let’s define it: A content creator creates content. But […]

Blogging and writing doesn't have to be REDRUM horror

You Can Still Do Blogging Even If You Hate Writing; Here’s How!

The Venn diagram above shows the intersection of three characters from three classic movies centered on writers. Jack Torrance from The Shining can’t […]

Yes, Content Is a Buzzword King but there is no doubt content marketing delivers tangibly results over other marketing strategies

Is Content Marketing Worth It?

I bet you’ve come across cliques like ‘content is king’ in your recent online escapades. Or better yet, maybe you’ve heard ‘quality over […]

Be a Boy Scout and plan to use LinkedIn to generate buyer personas for whom might buy from you

Be a Boy Scout & Develop “God Proof” Buyer Personas Utilizing LinkedIn

Does the “Be Prepared” Boy Scout motto clash with the marketing convention of buyer personas? Buyer personas are composite sketches of whom might […]

Content creation is a creative team that is "different," but not ear-severing different!!

What Is Content Creation? 

Content creation is the assembly line of written and/or visual media to disseminate a message about a brand to generate interest among a […]

is creative content worth it?

Is Creative Content Worth It?

Table of Contents   Get a Digital Tool to Help Your Creativity 10 Benefits of Creative Content for Your Company Creative Content: Why […]

Content with Teeth is a creative content agency whose spokesperson is a crazy ass fisherman.

Creative Content Agency Does Remodeling

Looking for a creative content agency? Well, say hello and check out our new digs! CWT: 2 Other Content Marketing Agencies: 0 We […]

Blog Writing Service | Content With Teeth

What Are Content Writing Services?

Is your content projectile vomit? If so, you need capable content writing services.

Evergreen content for blog posts and infographics

Win with Evergeen Content

Do nothing and prosper and win with evergreen content that continually churns out new leads with zero ad spend and no effort.

Close Jeff Goldblum with Creative LinkedIn Messaging

Close Jeff Goldblum with Creative LinkedIn Messaging

With creative LinkedIn messaging, you can reach sales averse prospects and enter a wormhole into the mind of Jeff Goldblum.

Content with Teeth - A Florida lead generation firm for New Business

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