Close Jeff Goldblum with Creative LinkedIn Messaging

Close Jeff Goldblum with Creative LinkedIn Messaging

Need effective LinkedIn messaging?

Then assume everyone on the social media platform with 660 million users is actor Jeff Goldblum, who once said, “I don’t really want to get sold to. I’m sales averse.”

Assume your audience is all Jeff Goldblum’s who will be unmoved by your social media junkmail and digital version of a robocall.

Case Study of Persuasive LinkedIn Messaging

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to bypass sales aversion and open a wormhole into the mind of Jeff Goldblum. Forget killer dinosaurs and Chaos Theory. With effective social media copy, strive to Being Jeff Goldblum.

To illustrate effective LinkedIn messaging, we use a case study from a recent client who had six appointments lined up in the first 2 days of a LinkedIn organic campaign.

The standard game plan of a LinkedIn messaging campaign is to send a connect request followed by a message where you thank the prospect for accepting the connection and let them know if you can help them in any way.

But what about this example of more creative LinkedIn messaging?

Social Media Copywriting

The message is topical. It acknowledges, with humor, a demographic reality with the Coronavirus pandemic.

It is also wry and relatable. Most importantly, the prospect does not feel she is being sold to.

With this non-transactional, non-salesy follow up that is more fitting of a fun remark overheard at a dinner party than the machine gun patter of a car salesman, you have found a way to enter the portal of Jeff Goldblum’s mind.

Did It Work?

My client initially objected to this message, feeling it was too informal. I urged the client to trust the efficacy of conversational social media messaging over a conventional approach.

The results?

This message led to the highest number of prospect replies from any of our messaging in the first two weeks of the campaign.

Here are a few:

LinkedIn Copywriting

LinkedIn Copy Avoiding the Blow Off

Pay special attention to the first example above from Lonny. The guy gets bombed with spam 15 times a day on LinkedIn, but with an unconventional approach, we were able to break through, get his attention and develop a lead for the client.

Everyone on LinkedIn is Sales Averse

You must find a wormhole into Jeff Goldblum’s mind and every other sales-averse person on LinkedIn. You do that with creative messaging that is humorous and relatable, NOT rote, routine and transactional.

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