Is Creative Content Worth It

Is Creative Content Worth It?

What is creative content?

Creative content is any mishmash of words and/or images that is distinctive and essentially artisanal. In other words, it takes more time to produce and is, therefore, more expensive.

It is the brand that you will read on the beach with your iPad while on vacay. It is a company whose commercial you see on TV and don’t immediately reach for the remote.

Crack Up Corporate Cavemen

Creative content is dope cavemen.

Creative video content is modern day neanderthals with slick suits as sugar that the New School Don Draper marketing managers add to the corporate medicine to make it go down easier.

Content Marketing utilizes creative words, videos and marketing tools like research and landing pages to attract and keep an audience. If you frame a brand with flair that solves a problem for their target audience, the latter will reach out and “convert.”

Does it deliver?


Creative Content Writing

As mentioned, creative content tends to be more distinctive and more costly for a company or brand looking to push product.

Who wants to pay more for anything, let alone a blog post, promotional video or social media copy that can be outsourced on Fiverr or thrown to the AI gods that are building their omniscience prescience 1 by 0 by 1?

This post argues that unique content produced by an expert is worth the investment because, bottom line, you get what you pay for.

A Steak-umm-Style Content Strategy Delivers Marketing Sizzle


Creative Content for Social Media - CWT

If you can make frozen meat interesting on social media, then you are delivering on brand image.

If you want content your customers will actually pay attention to and not dismiss as digital garbage, then keep reading …

UnBoring Jacks Business Juice

CWT delivers juice-jacking creative content.

Stuff that you see and read about a product or brand that is interesting and unique to the target audience delivers better results.

Yes, we know. What one labels “creative content” is in the eye of the beholder and entirely subjective.

One person may see the Mona Lisa and consider it a masterpiece, a testament to the quizzical vagaries of human nature.

Others may see it and wonder why they waited hours in line at a boring ass museum to see it when they could have visited a tourist spot in Italy where dudes used to fight lions way back when.

Let’s back up the assertion that UnBoring marketing assets pay for themselves with numbers and a case study involving one of our recent email campaigns.

People Like Puke

Is projectile vomit creative content?

Does this content ring your bell?

Allow me to rephrase, people (at least the ones that read our stuff) like compelling, provocative email subject lines and images that pique your curiosity and are not “your-insurance-agent-hopes-this-finds-you-well” dull.

Killer KPIs


Creative Content Strategy

A key performance indicator (KPI) is a metric used to measure and track progress towards a specific goal. KPI’s are meant to measure your most important indicators.

Content with Teeth delivered an over 60% open rate with a recent email marketing campaign.


We know KPIs can be any metric used to track the progress or success of a certain goal. When it comes to email marketing used to bring awareness to blogging, the open rate is a pivotal metric to track. The average open rate across all industries is 20.94%.

3x Average Open Rate

This above email had over 3x the average open rate for business services (marketing) as detailed by HubSpot. It caught the reader’s attention with a clever, concise subject line, and the messaging inside was intriguing enough to keep readers interested. 

Whether you find it sublime or obnoxious, this content marketing got people’s attention and not at a micro sample size. This email campaign was blasted to around 1,000 people and had an open rate over 60% which is ridiculously high. 

Please … Don’t Bring Dylan Into This!

Best Creative Content Creators - Content with Teeth

In this instance, projectile vomit caught people’s attention. Although it may not fit the tidy “professional” tone of a business, The Times They Are A’ Changin’. We now live in a world where people’s brains are overstimulated. With the amount of cheap clickbait and hellishly dull ads we get drilled with daily to drive a brand, unique content is vital to differentiate your company from jokers who link Bob Dylan with marketing “content.”

Creative Content Delivers a Return

Content with Teeth delivers ROI on creative content.

Return on investment (ROI) is a performance measure that evaluates the efficiency or profitability of a business investment or compares the efficiency of a number of different investments. 

Calculating this value is pretty self-explanatory. You find the benefit (or return) of an investment and divide it by the cost. The result is most commonly expressed as a ratio.  

Our projectile vomit email content netted five meetings and $1100 in revenue, a 44% ROI. The vomit approach delivered!

Creative Content Will Pay For Itself

Creative Content Marketing Strategies

Though it is usually more costly, content that is well-written and engages an audience ultimately pays for itself. It’s the same reason one would buy a brand new Mercedes-Benz over a traditional Honda. Both cars get you from point A to B, but in the long-term, the more expensive German engineering will yield better results and reliability.

One of the most difficult endeavors for content creators is writing content that appeals to an audience but that’s also optimized for search engines. You must go beyond simply writing appealing content.

Good Copy Converts

Good copy can drastically improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But how do we define good copy? The first thing to do is to research keywords related to your industry. Including these keywords in your copy will help your SEO. Digital Marketing Boss of Bosses Neil Patel posits that “catchy” and “click-worthy” copy (i.e. UnBoring Content) helps you rank on Google easier.

Insert Creative Content Keyword HERE

Or one  word before. Google determines the relevance of your page by analyzing where and how often you include keywords into your content. If you click on an organic (not an ad) search engine result and bolt immediately once you hit the article or post because the copy sucks, Google measures this bounce rate and will ding your overall SEO.
The Google Machine will even reward sites that utilize hot keywords by favoring them in search results.

Save On Ad Spending With Good Copy

C-SPAN owns Google?

Do people watch C-SPAN for pleasure? No. They want to see how our esteemed elected officials might address an issue important to them.

Similarly, nobody outside of marketing losers clicks on an ad because they find it worthy of content consumption. People click on ads to accomplish something and solve a problem. 

Insert “Is Creative Content Worth It?” HERE

One of the most effective copywriting strategies is to mirror the user’s search intent within your content. This will help you save money as good copy reduces brand ad spending. 

Search anything on Google right now and the very first thing on your screen will be an advertisement. Companies have to pay a hefty fee in order to have their ads appear at the top of search results. With an organic strategy and solid copy that is SEO optimized, you can save serious coin by avoiding those high ad prices. 

Let the Good Times Roll

Effective content marketing strategy

You Can Always Get What You Want with creative content utilized in an effective content marketing strategy. If that’s not corny enough, here’s a network sitcom:

The lady is right. You get what you pay for. We at Content with Teeth can crank out killer content that will magnetize eyeballs to your web properties. 

If your decision making is how cheaply you can crank out content drivel, we are probably not a good fit. If you lament the sad state of a genre of music ripped off from black musicians and want to carve your brand, company and product with distinction, please get in touch.

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