Good content writing services like Content with Teeth can prevent the projectile vomit problem

What Are Content Writing Services?

Content writing services generate written work like blog posts for websites tailored to a specific target audience utilizing keywords aimed at improving a website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or online visibility.

Content is created by an organization to attract new business.

It is prose, not meant to dazzle you with high falutin’ poetry.

Content with Teeth delivers content writing services.

“Collateral Damage” Is Fancy Talk for Corpse

We, as content creators and a blog writing service, find the term “content” to be up there with annoying business jargon like “corporate synergy” or hollow military euphemisms like “collateral damage.”

If someone asks you what your content strategy is, you should respond:

“The content strategy is on my radar … let’s give 110%, circle back and touch base on the SEO blog writing service when we are ready to speak like humans and not obfuscate in consultantspeak!”

Content Writing Services Are Somewhat Self Aware

We are not alone in mocking CONTENT even though it’s, like, in our name.

Even the guy that directed the movie with the Guinness World Records title for the most f-bombs shudders at such a debased term being elevated to the high altar of cinema:

How Do You Find GOOD Blog Writing Services?

The fact that you are still reading this and not just blindly Googling the keyphrase tells me you might have some vague suspicion that content writing services in the digital age are unfortunately a numbers game, not a quality game.

If your content strategy is a projectile vomit one, Content with Teeth can help as a content writing service.

If you aim to saturate the market with the projectile vomit content strategy, this could work like compulsively Googling your name might compensate for an inferiority complex.

Questions to Ask Blog Writing Services

You already know how to find them, so here’s a grading curve on what to ask the potential SEO blog writing services firm.

Keyword Research

Tired: Do you do keyword research?

Wired: Do you pay for a keyword research tool like SEMrush, Ahrefs or Ubersuggest or should I all together abandon keywords for topics to capture search intent like HubSpot advises?


Tired: How long before we rank #1 organically for the keyword?

Wired: Do you do PPC too or can you recommend someone for a “quick fix” traffic hit while the organic strategy takes time to develop?


Tired: Do you understand my business?

Wired: Give me a case study where your creative content contributed to client ROI or do you just outsource this assignment to a third-party writer who will rewrite a Wikipedia entry?


Tired: Do I have to sign a contract?

Wired: Why don’t I try you out for one or two posts at a discount before I agree to a long-term commitment.


Tired: How much does the post cost?

Wired: Before you tell me how the post costs, do you know what skyscraper posts are and can you detail a strategy for capturing backlinks or do you just email me a Word doc and an image you stole off Google and I post them and hope for the best?

Outsource Blog Posts Mini Case Study

We have a client who is a card processing consultant who wanted to promote a gateway for WooCommerce and WordPress.

We took counter-intuitive and provocative angle that free things could suck.

We covered the main points with extensive research and exquisite detail. In the month after the post was published, the client already ranked #37 for this keyword:

Content Constipation Problem

You might not have a projectile vomit content problem, but a constipation one.

You simply do not have the time yourself or the staff to produce quality written work that describes your products or service and allows prospects to find you on search engines.

If this is the case, hiring content writing services is a sound strategy. Just be sure to do your research, follow the links above and ask the right questions.

Or you can schedule a consultation with us and save yourself some time on the Google Machine! If kicking it old school on a phone call is more your style, you can reach us at (888) 552-9235.