Evergreen content for blog posts and infographics

Win with Evergeen Content

Do nothing and prosper and win with evergreen content.

We at CWT remix the Vulcan salute of “Live Long & Prosper” to something more fitting for the 2020 Hell Year. So how exactly do you Do Nothing and Prosper?

One of our clients recently gained two leads in three days.

They did nothing and paid nothing for this new business. The leads came from comments to blog posts that were as dusty as seven years old:

What is Evergreen Content?

Old material that keeps rechurning leads is called evergreen content. It is blog posts, infographics and long-form content that continually stays fresh, like a Christmas tree, in converting new prospect queries.

Win with Evergreen Content

The above blog post created multiple inquiries including four leads in two years from prospects who found the post online, left comments and turned into customers. Check out the analytics and note that traffic prior to 2018 was truncated by a web redesign:

The Average Time on Page was double that of others. In other words, people stayed on this page twice as long as other pages and actually read the post. Gluing people to the page is how you win with evergreen content.

Here is a comment to another blog post that was left two days previously to the one above:

Win with Residual Leads

This post created multiple leads including six comments leading to orders in just a year. To emphasize, the client paid nothing for these residual leads that do not require tweaking an ad spend, optimizing a campaign, scheduling a post or other forms of lead gen babysitting.

Fight Fire with Christmas Trees

It’s an understatement to say 2020 ain’t been pretty. Over 100k small businesses have closed due to the pandemic. Even if you hate Trekkies, do nothing and prosper is the only fitting rejoinder to the dismal state of current affairs.

You can do that with evergreen content that has no expiration and lives forever to continually generate new business. If you would like to explore how to win with evergreen content, tap here for a free consultation.

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