A content creator creates content to promote and/or entertain

What Does Content Creator Mean?

So you’ve heard the term content creator. But you’re not sure what it means. Let’s define it: A content creator creates content.

But let’s expand on that.

A content creator provides information and/or entertains like taking a free stock photo (Angela Roma from Pexels.com) and adding a silly message.

There are different types of content creators or content producers: content writers (i.e. blogs, social media posts, landing pages, etc.), news writers (i.e. articles), photographers, video creators, and much more. You can create content on various platforms and marketing channels in a wide range of industries.

Business marketing teams assign a person (or people) who creates content to build awareness and drive organic traffic to their website.

Why You Should Care?

As a business owner or marketing professional, you NEED content to build a pipeline and guide leads down a sales funnel. Without it, you won’t be able to give your audience the information they crave. You might be sick and tired of this phrase, but content really is king. You can’t inform, entertain, and persuade your target audience without it.

Content creation and lead generation go hand in hand. So take advantage of a content creator to drive traffic to your website, help people solve problems and boost conversions.

What Is an Example of a Content Creator?

The writer-director Billy Wilder was a content creator before this term was even used

Billy Wilder, co-screenwriter and director of the film noir classic Sunset Boulevard, was a “content creator” before that term was even coined.

The beauty of content is that you can repurpose it in other media and multiple forms. For example, you can see Sunset Boulevard in multiple iterations.

Other content creators have turned the film into a musical (the original London production closed in 1997 after 1530 performances) and books (Sam Stagg’s expose of behind-the-scenes making of the film Close-up on Sunset Boulevard).

Before becoming a screenwriter and director in Hollywood, Wilder avoided getting into the family cake business, dabbled in journalism as a stringer and was even a taxi dancer in Berlin.

Most content creators AREN’T legendary Hollywood writers or directors. Most content creators DO take the circumstances and events from their lives and others and use this clay – like Wilder – to mold interesting work.

If old movies and their directors don’t push your buttons, here’s …

3 Reasons Why You Should Care About Sunset Boulevard

Billy Wilder is a content creator and his classic film Sunset Boulevard lives on

We get it. You hear about old movies that aren’t even in color and groan. Why should you care about prehistoric stuff like Sunset Boulevard?

1. For the introverts: join a work Zoom call without video. When others ask why your camera is off, turn it on and tell the group, “All right, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up!” People on the call may have zero idea what you’re talking about but innately know you are talking over their heads. They may diss you behind your back but will ultimately leave you alone.

If you are getting married, use this still from Sunset Boulevard for your engagement publicity

2. For the ladies: Use the above still from Sunset Boulevard as a template for your marriage announcement pics. Have your fiance float face first in the pool and you can stand over the ledge instead of a gaggle of reporters. Friends will admire your macabre sense-of-humor and, bonus, you can reuse the photo if the marriage tanks and you get divorced.

3. For the gossips: why recycle the latest Bennifer angle again at a cocktail party? The story behind Sunset Boulevard is full of murder and intrigue. Working this juicy backstory into your dishing of goss will give you a sheen of respectability.

Ok … So How Do I Find a Good Content Creator?

Looking to invest in digital content creation? Have a plan.

1. Determine Your Medium
Are you starting a podcast? Trying to create videos? What about blog posts? White papers or eBooks?

Whatever type of online content you want to create, find a content creator based on that. Need blog content? What about social media posts? Look for a content writer with experience with social media marketing and RSS.

2. Set a Budget
Figure out how much you can afford to pay for content creation. How much you pay a professional for creating content will depend on a number of factors:

● The scope of the project: This includes how big the project is. So if you need blog posts, think about how many you need. How many words will the posts be? Will it be an ongoing project? Or just a one-time thing?
● The type of content: Some content takes longer to create than other types. If you need a whitepaper or eBook, expect to pay more than you would pay for a blog post. And if you are looking for blog posts, you’ll likely pay extra for writers who can create a subscription list with an RSS feed.
● Skill level and experience: You can choose to hire a beginner or expert. Typically, the higher the skill level, the more you’ll pay. And you often get what you pay for, so look for a high-quality content creator. Hiring a writer with a bachelor’s degree in English, who has been featured in The New York Times, and has an impressive list of sample articles, will likely give you better results than someone with no credentials.
● The subject of the content: Some topics require way more research than others. So expect creators to charge more for technical subjects like technology and engineering.

3. Find out Where Content Creators Hang Out
Go wherever content creators spend their time. The thing is, a lot of successful content creators understand that they need to create their own content on top of the client work they do. It’s one of the best marketing strategies they can use to show off their work.

So you can find some of these talented folks on certain platforms, depending on the type of content they create:

● Medium: Writers
● YouTube: Videographers
● Instagram: Photographers and Videographers
● Unsplash: Photographers
● Dribbble: Graphic Designers

You can also focus on communities where content creators hang out like Facebook or LinkedIn Groups. Content creators are constantly marketing their services in these groups. For instance, there are tons of freelance writing groups on Facebook. Writers are not only networking with other writers, but they’re also looking for clients in these groups.

Comb social media and YouTube videos for user generated content and media that you like. You can use the search functions on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram to find creators. Message the creator or brand and ask if they are interested in your project. Reach out to your LinkedIn network for introductions and referrals to content creators. You can also create listings on job boards. Be detailed in your job description in order to attract the best talent.

How Do I Become a Content Creator?

Maybe you don’t want to pay people for content creation. Or maybe you’re interested in joining the content creation field yourself. Whatever the case, you need a digital marketing strategy in order to become a successful content creator. Here’s the rundown:

Choose your medium(s): When creating content, which medium do you gravitate towards the most? Do you want to write blogs? Write product reviews? Do photography? Create a YouTube channel? Choose the medium that best serves your purposes. You might even choose more than one.
Choose your niche: Choose a niche that you’re interested in. Then, research the niche as much as you can.
Learn your audience: You can’t create relevant, valuable content if you don’t know who your audience is. Be as detailed as possible so that you can create content that’s tailored to a specific audience.
Research relevant topics and content ideas: Look up great ideas for topics and relevant industry news your audience may be interested in. If your chosen medium is writing, look at specific contexts. Let’s say your audience is into wellness. A good topic would be: “Five Habits to Increase Your Overall Wellness”.
Make a content calendar: Using your curated list of topics, plan out when you’ll be delivering that content to your audience.
Use tools to optimize your content: If you’re writing, use SEO tools like Yoast and Chrome extensions to boost productivity.
Create engaging content: Start creating content! Create valuable, bite-sized (attention spans are short these days) content that informs, engages, and/or entertains.

So you’re wondering how much does a content creator make? Well, that depends on a lot of things. In fact, it’s a broad range: $29k to $79k a year. How much you make will depend on your experience, how many clients you bring in, the type of content you create, and more.

Go Create Some Killer Content, or Better Yet, Get an Expert

You’ve looked at your email inbox and social media feeds. You hear about 6,000 TV shows that you MUST watch and just don’t have the time. Bottom line: there’s a boatload of people creating great content in today’s world. It’s critical that you hire someone who can craft content that gets and KEEPS your audience engaged. Creativity is key. If you’re still stuck, consider Content with Teeth. We’re ready for our close-up, Mr. DeMille! We have over 20 years of experience as content creators. Get in touch for a free consultation