Content with Teeth is a creative content agency whose spokesperson is a crazy ass fisherman.

Creative Content Agency Does Remodeling

Looking for a creative content agency?

Well, say hello and check out our new digs!

CWT: 2 Other Content Marketing Agencies: 0

Look, Ma, Buzzfeed wrote about us!

Via CWT & BuzzFeed

We suggest you explore a content agency that remodeled its online home or website twice in one year during a horrible pandemic in a noble effort to make a BuzzFeed listicle that will and never should get published because people would rather read about Disneyfying hedgehogs.

Dude, It’s a Bunch of 1’s & O’s

Content with Teeth, a creative content agency, can help you reel in big fish

If you are a normal person and don’t bandy terms like content around obnoxiously, we feel our facelift is unique and that you should take a look.

Where else can you find a banner image featuring a fisherman who looks like the crazy guy in The Big Lebowski, a blog that features an image of projectile vomit or short and funny video case studies on the homepage that are most definitely case studies and certainly not misnomered as something else?

Our Marketing Strategy Is Grubhub

The marketing software providers Demand Metric found that content, inbound or however you call promulgating your message, costs 62% less than traditional marketing strategies and delivers three times as many leads!

We feel getting more with less is an effective brand strategy.

After a year where everyone ordered out for food, we advocate a Grubhub content marketing strategy where small businesses, strapped for time and resources, decide to let someone else cook and deliver their content.

What’s New

Content with Teeth has a shopping cart and e-commerce!

Via CWT & Craig Dacy

We got a shopping cart and e-commerce! 

You can go to our services page and buy a series of blog posts or a video concept without the serious time suck of securing marketing efforts by courting varying creative agencies.

You don’t have to endure a sales pitch on Zoom where a friendly but kinda annoying SDR asks about your “goals for the call” before asking you 200 questions to qualify you.

If your “goals for the call” are to know how much something costs and not waste time on chit chat, you’ll like the newly revamped CWT site. We publish prices and you can buy directly online.

Here’s the Deal

We wouldn’t be true marketers (aka used car salesmen with degrees) if we didn’t trot out a discount. In the next month, GET 25% OFF ANY CONTENT by entering the discount code cwt25 in the payment cart.

Our Digital Presence Is a Lefty HOF’er

CWT's company avatar is a pitcher from a sport no one watches anymore.

Via CWT & USA Today’s FTW

Warren Spahn was a Hall of Fame pitcher back in the day when people actually watched baseball. He has the most career wins by a southpaw. A baseball writer who loves Spahn says you only need three pitches.

Like a pitcher with a few but effective pitches and a restaurant that has a short menu but awesome food, we have limited our own content offerings. We ditched chatbots, social media packages and other stuff that weren’t generating strikeouts. We now focus only on content, how to distribute it and analyze what’s working with tools like an all-one-one sales and marketing platform.

Try Us Out

You are reading this, so you’re already here. Check out the new remodeling job and get in touch. If you want to buy something, use the coupon code cwt25 to get 25% off any content for the next month.