If you're B2B business, utilize the benefits of LinkedIn marketing to dive out of a plan WITH a parachute

Exploit the Benefits of LinkedIn Marketing & Avoid Being Ground Splatter When Taking the B2B Leap

If you’re a B2B business, you might be curious about the benefits of LinkedIn marketing.

If you’re not, you should be! You’re jumping out of an airplane without a parachute, missing an opportunity to strip mine the largest business database in the world.

What Is LinkedIn Marketing?

LinkedIn marketing is the use of the online social networking site LinkedIn to build connections, mutually beneficial relationships, and rapport with different stakeholders from and outside your industry. These can be business partners, prospective customers, or potential employees/team members.

Why You Should Be Marketing on LinkedIn Right Now?

LinkedIn is a medium that forms an indispensable part of your social media marketing campaigns. It allows users to achieve marketing goals and business objectives such as generating leads, increasing brand reputation and awareness, and driving sales.

It provides you with handy business analysis tools. It’s where you’ll meet most of your ideal clients or customers.

Basically, we’re living in such a digital marketing and social media era that if you are not promoting yourself on the largest business database in the world, then you are lacking “drip,” as the young people say.

LinkedIn consistutes an essential part of many people's career paths

The Evidence on LinkedIn Is Clear

Most of the LinkedIn B2B marketers use the platform for organic marketing. This network has a great reputation for yielding the most relevant organic results. It is also the go-to lead generation for companies regardless of their industry. Check out these interesting stats that are not necessarily seen on other social media platforms.


This infographic displays the many LinkedIn marketing benefits



What Is LinkedIn Organic?

“Organic” content is basically content that you do not pay to show. It’s nonpaid advertising and does not appear as a paid promotion on your future customer’s news feed.

Your LinkedIn Success Is a Few Trackable Metrics Away


Discover the benefits of LinkedIn marketing



The site offers some internal analytics that you can track to make data-driven decisions, achieve your goals, and optimize your efforts.

  • Reach signifies how many times the content you have shared has been seen by users.
  • Impression is the amount of times your content has been displayed on profiles’ feeds.
  • Follower demographic that includes job seniority, location, industry….
  • Clicks which is the number of clicks you get on your content to land on your website.


The LinkedIn platform allows you to customize your industry-specific variable searches which is ideal for B2B businesses. If you have a company page or are using your personal LinkedIn profile, you can easily reach out to your target audience or future customers. We can even start calling this process professional networking instead of targeting!

Pocket-Friendly Platform

You can start joining groups and interact and exchange information with your group members. You often hear gurus preaching LinkedIn advertising. You may be using a free account or subscribing to one of LinkedIn’s services. One of the tools businesses are increasingly using is Sales Navigator, LinkedIn’s premium offering offering advanced search capability.

If sign up for Sales Nav, LinkedIn will automatically give you one month free. We at Content with Teeth can get you two free months to check out the platform and see if it’s a good fit. Sign up for a free consultation and we’ll hook you up.

What About Your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Your LinkedIn marketing strategy is basically similar to any other social media marketing strategy. However, you need to work on positioning yourself as a thought leader in your industry. This also depends on what you are really there to do. Are you on LinkedIn to attract new talent, increase your sales or brand awareness, engage with your target audience, reveal your expertise or connect with similar professionals in your field?

The Beginner’s Guide to Organic LinkedIn Marketing

Fully utilize the magic search tool LinkedIn offers that allows companies to target the users they are looking for. This isn’t necessarily found on other social media platforms or social networking sites.

Is Marketing on LinkedIn Worth It?

Totally, and we’re skipping the LinkedIn ads too! We’ll spill some tea here: you don’t have to spend tons of money on advertising anymore!

One thing you really need to take care of though is generating high-quality content. Opt for quality over quantity.

Advanced Search on LinkedIn for Free

If you don’t have the budget to invest in LinkedIn Sales Navigator now, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. You have the ability to narrow down your audience and exclude specific people with Boolean search terms.

Although the number of times you can search something on a LinkedIn free version is limited to a certain number and period of time.

Hijack Boolean Terms in Your Search Hunt

Employ Boolean to narrow your focus in any version of LinkedIn from the free version to Sales Navigator.

The table below will teach you some of the parameters:


Boolean search terms allow you to unleash the power of LinkedIn marketing



Get Your Hands Dirty with a Real Search for Professionals on LinkedIn

Let’s imagine you are a marketing professional in the Miami area and your niche market is local IT companies that offer cloud solutions. You intend to target COO’s.

  1. Head to your LI profile and type in “cloud solutions” AND COO
  2. Hit enter
  3. You will get a list of results like the one below


Use advanced search techniques in LinkedIn to narrow your focus


4.  The first level of search is the filter. You can pick any or all, depending on what you’re looking for.


Filter your search results for the best LinkedIn marketing results


5. Choose All filters

6. From the panel below, tick the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd+ boxes


Search for first, second and third-degree connections on LinkedIn to unleash benefits of LinkedIn marketing



7. Next, scroll down choose your location. We are choosing the Miami-Fort Lauderdale Area.


Geo target your prospects when seeking the advantages of LinkedIn marketing


Search locally to utlize the power of LinkedIn marketing


8. Now, you have a whole bunch of other practical filters you can use such as current company, past company, school, industry, etc…


To improve your LinkedIn marketing results, use present and past companies to narrow your prospect search results


9. In our case, we’ll check the Information Technology and Services box.


Narrow your search results by selecting an industry to improve LinkedIn marketing results


10. You can add in keywords, then hit “Show Results”.


Narrow search results with keywords to improve LinkedIn marketing results



11. You will get a list of individuals that meet these criteria.


You can use search filters to yield a list of prospects that match your ideal personas when utilziing the benefits of LinkedIn marketing



12. Choose a profile you’re interested in.


To get the best results in LinkedIn marketing, use advanced search techniques like employing Boolean search terms


13. Hit “Connect” on your prospect profile to send them a Connect Request or invite to engage.


Add a note to a LinkedIn connect request to better capture the attention of your prospect


14. Click on “Add a note” to write a customized message. You should be politely asking the person for a connect request and stating what’s in it for them. Remember that you have a 300-character limit. Hit send and congratulations! You’re utlizing the power of LinkedIn marketing at minimal cost and time.

What About LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

There are more than 20 categories you can choose from. These include company size, seniority level, etc…

This precious LinkedIn tool has become indispensable to countless marketers out there. Basically, this takes your lead generation efforts to a new level and allows you to build meaningful business relationships. You may even skip social media!

However, if you are not currently ready to invest in SalesNav, the regular LinkedIn search function will get it done!

If you would like two months of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, please get in touch!

LinkedIn Organic Social Media Marketing Best Practices

  • Optimize your company pages (about, title, cover photo, profile photo, posts…). Remember, this is not Facebook. So, forget the personal and focus on the educational and professional.
  • Make sure you have a website to direct your audience to (and to increase your web traffic at the same time.)
  • Work on building your network as much as you can.
  • Create and share thought leadership articles with your network. Yes, long-form content is still in. You just have to use tactics to make your prospect read your work.
  • Make sure you are conducting LinkedIn search engine optimization. Think of LinkedIn as one of the search engines you’re familiar with. This means that you should be using keywords that your audience may use to find you in your title or About area.

Content With Teeth and Your LinkedIn Marketing Efforts

Learn how you can benefit from and leverage your LinkedIn page to fuel your company growth and generate quality leads for your business.

If you need guidance on your LinkedIn marketing strategy, consult with Content with Teeth. We’re ready to take the plunge out of the plane WITH parachutes. Get in touch for a free consultation.


Be a Boy Scout and plan to use LinkedIn to generate buyer personas for whom might buy from you

Be a Boy Scout & Develop “God Proof” Buyer Personas Utilizing LinkedIn

Does the “Be Prepared” Boy Scout motto clash with the marketing convention of buyer personas?

Buyer personas are composite sketches of whom might saddle up and ring the cash register when it comes to your company’s products or service.

How could a sweet, innocent Boy Scout run afoul of the machination of evil marketers developing buyer personas in an effort to concoct a dastardly content marketing strategy to take over the world?

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How could a sweet, innocent Boy Scout run afoul of the machination of evil marketers developing buyer personas in an effort to concoct a dastardly content marketing strategy to take over the world? Share on X

Regarding our poor Boy Scout, consider the Yiddish proverb that states, “We plan, God laughs.”

We can all relate. You plan for a day at the beach. Pack the sunscreen. Make the sandwiches. Get there early to snag a parking spot only to have it start raining once you unpack the beach towels.

This post aims to save the noble Boy Scout and his plans.

We strive to give you a strategy to develop buyer personas by utilizing the largest business database in the world to develop an audience with data, not guesswork or “hunches.”

Our “plan” is not foolproof but will hopefully stand up to the Great Mystery who may be indifferent to human artifice and foibles.


Via Giphy

Why Do I Need Buyer Personas?

Most startups and young businesses fail because their product or service doesn’t align with the marketplace. In other words, they didn’t adequately research if there was demand for their product or service before diving into creating the product and hawking it.

By generating buyer personas, you research who might buy from you and know the problems they encounter and that you can solve with your product or service.

So I Plan & People Buy, Right?


Adam Smith would approve of your intent to map buyer personas to ratchet up sales.

But how do you do it? What is the plan, Stan?

Let’s dive in with some actionable, step-by-step instruction. We start with the great marketer Herman Cain’s 5 x 5 x 5 Method.

Herman Cain's 5x5x5 method is sound for developing buyer personas

Ask yourself what are 5 questions that 5 buyer persona are asking at 5 separate stages of a marketing funnel?

A marketing funnel is the journey the buyer takes from becoming aware of your product or service all the way to the narrow bottom section where they commit to buying from you.

Via Giphy

The 5 stages of a funnel are:

  1. Awareness
  2. Interest
  3. Evaluation
  4. Engagement
  5. Commitment/Purchase

So the 5 x 5 x 5 Method yields 125 total questions or subjects for content that you can produce to transform prospects into buyers.

My tweak to Herman Cain’s 5x5x5 Method (there is no doubt that the former presidential candidate and fast food Godfather created this strategy) is to amend questions with “pain points.”

Ask yourself what are the 5 problems your various buyers face from becoming aware of your product to actually buying it?

If you are introducing a product or service, you want to be a problem solver and address the issues that your target audience may have.

How to Develop a Buyer Persona

Enough with pizza politicians and instruments to imbibe fermented hops. How do you do specifically develop buyer personas?

There are ample online tools to assist you. For example, HubSpot has a buyer persona generator.

You input data and create distinct personas who may be interested in your product.

Use online tools like HubSpot's Buyer Personas Generator to chart your potential cusotmers

Via CWT & HubSpot


As you can see from above, HubSpot’s tool presupposes that you KNOW metrics like buyer titles and the geographic areas where they may reside.

If you’re launching your business or changing focus, you may not know these answers besides speculation.

Is there a way to determine buyer personas with actual data instead of hunches and guesswork?

Use the Power of LinkedIn to Generate a Target Audience

LinkedIn, specifically Sales Navigator, can give you a better understanding of your potential audience.

Sales Navigator is premium LinkedIn that allows you to increased search capabilities for a sales team to hone in who might be interested in their product or service.

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Sales Navigator is premium LinkedIn that allows you to increased search capabilities for a sales team to hone in who might be interested in their product or service. Share on X

Utilizing Sales Navigator Recommended Leads

If you have Sales Navigator, first click on the Sales Nav icon at the top right of your LinkedIn account. If you don’t have Sales Nav, stick with me. I promise to make it up to you at the end of this post.

Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to develop buyer personas


Sales Navigator will open in another tab. The algorithm tracks your interactions on this platform and who is engaging with you. You can utilize the algo, specifically Recommended Leads, to see who might be an ideal audience.

In Sales Nav, click on “See all” under Recommended leads” in the top right portion of your screen:

LinkedIn algorithm can show you ideal buyer personas based on who you have interacted with on the platform


This opens up 200 prospects “based on LinkedIn activity.” How do you exploit this list?

Simply scroll through the search results and look for prospects that look promising. At this point, let intuition guide you.

I scroll through my Recommended leads and see one prospect, Casey, who is co-Founder of Couchsurfing International.

Someone who helms an organization dedicated to couchsurfing is an ideal prospect for Content with Teeth. I click on the prospect’s name to view his Sales Nav profile more closely.

You can find ideal customer personas with LinkedIn Sales Navigator


I examine the profile closely for cues like title and geography. Casey is/has been a Co-Founder, CEO and Founder. He is in the Bay Area. Under highlights, I can see that he is a second-degree connection. In other words, he knows people I am connected to. In this case, I look under Highlights and see we are both connected to nine mutuals.

If I wanted to connect with Casey, I could mention one of these people or ask them to introduce Casey to me.

It’s helpful to look up the target directly on LinkedIn to see other data.

Click on the three horizontal dots at the top right of the screen.

From Sales Navigator, view a potential prospect on LinkedIn to learn more metrics that can help develop buyer personas


Select “View on LinkedIn.com” in the dropdown and the prospect’s profile will open up in another tab.

From here, I can see Casey’s full experience.

Viewing the LinkedIn company page can give you further information to develop buyer personas

I right click on Casey’s company “Couchsurfing International” and select “Open link in new tab” where I see company details such as industry and employee headcount under the About tab.

A LinkedIn company page offers useful info to develop buyer personas like industry and company headcount


I know Couchsurfing International has under 100 employees and is an Internet company. More importantly, I see that the organization is funded. Regarding “Company size,” this is self-reported by whoever created the LinkedIn company page initially.

Know that these numbers are not iron-clad and based on hard data. Despite this, from snooping around LinkedIn and Sales Navigator, I have  a greater idea who LinkedIn’s algo thinks is a good match for me.

I don’t stop with just employee headcount and industry. I scroll to the bottom of Casey’s LinkedIn profile to view his Interests.

View a potential prospect's Interest like LinkedIn groups that they belong to in order to develop metrics that go into generating buyer personas


I click on the See All button and view Influencer and Companies that Casey follows. I am particularly interested in Group that he belongs to. I click this tab.

Utilize LinkedIn Groups to develop buyer personas


LinkedIn Groups are a key resource. I could join one of these and meet other prospects similar to Casey. As a group member, I have the ability to message other members without being directly connected to them as a first-degree or existing connection.

We will discuss utilizing LinkedIn groups to develop a content marketing strategy in a future post. Stay tuned!

Rinse & Repeat

I click back to my Sales Nav search and “rinse and repeat” this process with other promising targets. From just the first page alone, I see that 13 of the 25 prospects that Sales Nav recommends are in San Francisco. I look up other suggested leads and see what LinkedIn Groups they belong to and whether any overlap with Casey’s.

From a rudimentary glance at just the first page of results, I see that I might want to target Silicon Valley. Even though my company is based in Southwest Florida, my reach isn’t geo-limited to Florida or the Southeast United States. As a creative content agency, I can do business anywhere and might want to focus on Internet companies, primarily in San Francisco and the Bay Area.

From viewing LinkedIn recommended leads, I have a greater idea of what titles in what industry and company size to target in what geographic area. If I play around with this, I will have greater idea what to fill in the HubSpot Buyer Persona generator to generate my potential customer audience.

Utilize Existing LinkedIn Connections to Further Research Ideal Buyer Personas

You don’t have to go just by LinkedIn’s recommended leads. You can use the advanced filtering in Sales Navigator to see who looks promising in your existing or first-degree connections.

In the Sales Navigator home screen, click the Lead filters + bubble. 


In the next screen, filter your search by selecting “1st Degree Connections” in the “Relationship” box.

Search first-degree or existing connections in Sales Navigator in order to develop ideal buyer personas


This will bring up your existing connections. This brings up 5k prospects. I use the filter to make the list more manageable. Under “Industry,” I type in “Internet” based on what I saw above from Casey and LinkedIn’s other suggested leads.

In building buyer personas, you can use Sales Navigator filters like industry to expand or subtract a list of potential prospects.


Now I have a smaller audience of people I am ALREADY connected with where I can scroll through the search and examine shared parameters like I did above.

Utilize Sales Navigator Account Filters to Further Shape Ideal Buyer Personas

You might be starting out and not have a big network. You can research new blood in Sales Navigator, and more importantly, focus on companies that are in high growth mode.

In the Sales Navigator home screen, I click on the “Account filters +” bubble.

Use Sales Navigator Account filters to develop buyer personas


This brings up Account filters.

I want to focus on smaller companies that are in high-growth mode with a growing employee count and surging revenue.

First, I select a revenue range of $1-10 million.

To develop buyer personas, use account filters like Revenue to get a better idea who might buy from you


Next, I select a “Company headcount growth” between 5-40%.

To develop buyer personas, use Account filters like Company headcount growth to find companies who might buy from you AND are growing


This brings up nearly half a million companies, so I use the Company headcount and Geography filters to restrict my list. I search for Bay Area companies, Oakland specifically, that have between 11-50 employees.

This give me a list of 249 companies, something more targeted and manageable to work with.

I scroll and see Opera Event, an organization of social media content creators.

To develop buyer personas, use Accounts filtering in Sales Navigator to learn info on companies who might buy from you


I have been successful getting work by partnering with other marketing companies, so I decide to investigate further. I click on “View All Employees”. I find the CEO, Brandon. I view his profile in LinkedIn.

You can piece together who might buy from you or buyer personas from investigating LinkedIn and Sales Navigator



From reading his About section, I find a potential buyer persona – CEOs and Founders in high-growth startups in the tech sector.




I examine the Opera Event LinkedIn company page. I go to the Insights tab where I see the startup is in high growth mode – 44% in 2 years.

Use LinkedIn to research buyer personas from companies who are in high growth mode


10 Minutes & I Know More About Whom Might Buy From Me

In just 10 minutes playing with Sales Navigator, I have a better idea of parameters like title, geography, industry and other factors to plug into HubSpot’s buyer personas generator to develop my audience.

A 10 minute investment on LinkedIn makes you a bulletproof Boy Scout who can yield buyer personas despite a wrathful God.

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A 10 minute investment on LinkedIn makes you a bulletproof Boy Scout who can yield buyer personas despite a wrathful God. Share on X

But … BUT!

Via Giphy

I hear your cries of protestation! You don’t have Sales Navigator. I feel you. It ain’t cheap at $80/month if you pay monthly. You can sign up for Sales Navigator inside LinkedIn and get one free month.

I have a better deal where I can get you TWO months free of LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Two months free will give you enough time to try out Sales Nav to not only build your buyer personas but also do active lead generation and engage potential prospects. You can then decide whether you want to pay for it.

If you would like to hit me up for two months free of Sales Navigator, let’s chat.