Small business in Florida can suffer from time poverty and metaphorical bad breath

Hey Florida Small Business: We Can Stop Your Halitosis

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Florida Small Businesses: Lack of Resources

What We Offer Besides the Occasional Foul-Smelling Breath

BoFu, Bad Breath & Florida’s Small Businesses

The Halitosis Thing, Can We Meet on Zoom?

What Can You Expect in a First Call

Dude, Walk Back the Bad Breath Thing



Small businesses in Florida can be characterized by a lack of resources, the biggest culprit being time. See how time poverty can lead to problems like metaphorical bad breath. Learn how Content with Teeth, a Florida marketing agency, can help Florida small business owners and founders overcome these challenges.


Are you a small business in Florida with 100 or fewer employees with less than $50 million in annual revenue?




Do you suffer from halitosis?

Bad Breath?

As a member of the community of Florida businesses myself, allow me to explain and unload something personal in a state with no sales tax and public-private partnership galore to spur small businesses.


Florida Small Businesses: Lack of Resources

Some nights I don’t sleep well. 


Blame it on the stress of running a small business or watching car insurance ads with occasional sports plays thrown in that can stretch into the wee hours of the morning.


Whatever it may be, my dental hygiene suffers the next morning. 


As a tired small business owner, I don’t feel like flossing. I don’t feel like brushing the allotted two minutes the American Dental Association recommends.


What is the fallout?


My fatigue from lack of resources (time) can result in halitosis, according to The Cleveland Clinic.


Are you like me?


A Florida small business with a lack of resources like sleep compelled to write a business plan for the economic opportunity from the Florida Department of Proper Hygiene?


What We Offer Besides the Occasional Foul-Smelling Breath

Our Florida small business is a marketing agency, even though people who hear the name of my company think I am a dentist; hence, the dental analogy here.


From what I’ve seen in over ten years of operation in the Sunshine State, small businesses (which make up 99.8 of all Florida’s businesses) lack resources.


The primary two for Florida’s small businesses are 1.) lack of time from the owner/founder to create content or 2.) insufficient staff who is stretched too thin and not adequately set up to create content that research shows costs 62% less than traditional marketing strategies and generates three times as many leads


BoFu, Bad Breath & Florida’s Small Businesses

When we meet with you, I can talk the fancy (but annoying) marketing jargon but really all we offer is a time shift for small business in the Sunshine State.


We allow the owner/founder and his/her staff to focus on some other element in the business while we push the content ball into the end zone.


That’s basically our promise in a nutshell.

The Halitosis Thing, Can We Meet on Zoom?

I recognize that my confession of potentially being at risk of halitosis might lead some of you to want to avoid a one-on-one meeting.


Don’t worry, friends, we have Zoom!


What Can You Expect in a First Call

If I do all the talking, I will have failed. In initial consultations, I ask A LOT of questions to diagnose the problem. More importantly, I want to know what REALLY motivates you.


Everyone wants to grow, but why? 


Do you want to hire more staff so you can ditch business development and go on vacation without the laptop?


Do you want to grow revenue and sell early, so you can retire early and avoid the fate of being a Walmart greeter in your 70s?


With your ultimate goal in mind, I have a better shot at crafting a marketing solution that will actually work.


Dude, Walk Back the Bad Breath Thing

As a small business owner, my ultimate goal is to meet with you in person. I enjoy in-person interaction and thrive in this environment.


If you are inclined to meet in real life, don’t worry. I will NOT watch The Geico Bowl Sponsored by All State the night before and get a good night’s sleep. 


Rest assured, I will floss and brush properly and not offend you with noxious breath.


If you are a small business owner with halitosis, sound off in the comments below. If you have squeaky clean breath and feel this metaphor is too labored by this point, we want to hear from YOU TOO!


Key Takeaway

Content with Teeth is a creative content agency with over ten years of experience serving small businesses in Florida and nationwide. If you are a small business owner or a founder with a lack of resources (chief being time) and need help with your marketing, reach out and say hello.